Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Time To Get Down!! (Another HumpDay Extravaganza)

 Another HumpDay has rolled around, your dude usually puts an extravaganza together...

It's time to get down, similar to the O'Jays but on other realms!! understand a a brotha? thought and fashion police told me to get it together!!

I told them whatever!! plus I told them to check the weather as a storm blew through the Atlanta area last night!! when dropping this insight? it's similar to the t-shirt at  Stonecrest Mall that said welcome to the jungle!! 

Living in a jungle was mentioned by John Tropea, any hope for ya?  no trophy for ya!!  the assignment? like failed North Korean missile tests you'll bungle. 

It's time to get down but were wrong methods used for the Muhammad Ali type rumble in the jungle?  now some are caught out there!! 

It's time to get down but madness methods come up short in the sport!!  now some are  uncomfortable,  caught out there!!'s hard to see out there in the smoke and mirrors!! I was even trying to determine where the mothership landed..

Reality checks were issued but they can't be cashed at banks!!  what's up with it? my folk are taken for granted.

Liquor stores and check cashing places in the hood, along with greasy fast food spots!!  meanwhile Trump will get salty and greasy with GOP members per the GOP Health Care Plan / scheme / plot!! I kept it moving I didn't stay on the lot,  Diplomatic Immunity is granted.

Checked the scores after clashing with the arch nemesis; rolling with G-O-D after I slipped for a minute; back on my feet I landed.

It's time to get down per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! feel me on this!! just like after you crash landed after drinking Cognac and smoking herb.

Now looking for your pack of Newports in the green box, chain smoking after you were kicked to the curb.

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