Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT.7

We're still out here ranting and raving, but following these breakbeat scientific principles. 

Some say I'm misbehaving, out here with Donald Trump type of truth or dare individuals aka invincibles. 

This good word is dropped and beats will thump but is there a cloak of invisibility on me?  some don't act like they don't know me,  unless they need a scapegoat.

.. Like Republicans blaming Obamacare for their ills;  O-Zone caught up in the drama out there?  I fight back with a beat tape and a quote. 

What's up brother man? what's really going on? that's what they ask me!! I told them the boat is sinking!!

It's like the Titanic, I even felt the pressure even though I'm intergalactic!! on the instrument panel? lights were blinking..

Acting frantic? what were you thinking per this ranting and raving? that's what they asked per the Trump Snoop Dogg dust up...

Who'll understand it?  what? these Thursday Thoughts expressed in this ranting and raving from your dude, plus the beats will thump supplied by O-Dog!! will it lead to the bust up? 

Who'll understand it? did the so called misbehaving per these Sonic Assaults lead to the lost of trust up in this piece?

No justice no peace was discussed on another forum!! please!! that's business as usual!!  the system will play you like it's the Indian Wells Masters..

It's hard to be at ease, that's why we keep ranting and raving; some say misbehaving!! your dude is just dropping this good word while O-Dizzle is in the lab chopping and cutting up masters!!

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