Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's Time To Get Down PT. 2 (ThrowbackThursday Edition)

Once again it's on!  we're blessed to see this so called Throwback Thursday!

..Of course I have my own ways and means;  I call it Throwback /  Thirsty Thursday.

..That's based on still being hungry and thirsty in the ongoing race. 

Chased by the devil per that Ohio Players joint, right on time per Throwback Thursday!  him and his advocates are on the case!

But it's time to get down,  we're also on the case!!  trying to get free and stay free!!  I'm using Parliament's Flashlight to see in the smoke and mirrors. 

Looking for it? might even carry it around in the daylight, but I don't get down like jokers who "ain't right" like in London per Parliament horrors and terrors.

..But like the Brick joint we don't want to sit down,  we won't to get down. 

That's per Throwback Thursday type of business; bored with this, due to not being the one they'll anoint?  I jumped in the hooptie now I'm out on I-20 in Atlanta  listening to Curtis Mayfield's Get Down!!

Who'll they appoint? Neil Gorduch types get grilled for being Rush Limbaugh /  Neil Boortz- ish but we know how the sport gets. 

So, what's the point? GOP intel chairman Devin Nunes was wet and dry snitching about incidental collection when some things should be unsaid,  but we know how the sport gets. 

Trump vindication?  per other indications Bernie Sanders can tell you how the sport gets,  told to stand down /  abort this by Democrats. 

Who'll understand this?  the sport gets complex,  but per this Throwback Thursday it's time to get down!!  we'll  keep dealing with this and that. 

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