Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's Time To Get Down PT.7

Fooling around with the iPhone,  damn!!  its like it can read my mind. 

Schooling a clown after thoughts are collected on this Thursday?  some wonder what the work will be,  what's on my mind.

It's time to get down on a Throwback Thursday!!  Time has come today per the Chambers Brothers... peep game for the indication..

Throwback / Thirsty Thursday business is handled,  hunger and thirst the motivation. 

It's time to get down!!  Sade asked is it a crime? please!!  ongoing vibrations were another motivation. 

It's time to get down!! feeling the vibrations due to the high velocity vs the slow moving  indication..

It's time to get down!! drama was dealt with earlier, after the invitation to openness per listening to the Les McCann track while cruising through the galaxy; in the mothership?   lights blinked on the instrument panel. 

Atrocities go down to homicides /  genocide and even suicide!! what's up man?  some are in the lions den like Daniel.

Sanctuary cities?  for who?  a shooter rides by spraying the block like some kind of exterminator. 

Sanctions against North Koreans and Russians aren't working!!  some will even be relaxed by a hater

Observing these scenes, once caught up in the system / matrix  relaxing with a hater,  but I had to break north.

Swerving!!  it's time to get down!!  taxing those that fake it,  practicing theories concerning a scorched earth. 

Not curb serving,  what's it all worth?  dude said they had an app for that. 

I told Gus and Herb it's time to get down!!  spot me where the haps are at!

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