Friday, March 10, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT.3

What it do? oh!! I'm acting like I knew!  it's back to life /  back to reality per Soul to Soul.

Now I'm out here ranting and raving on this so called Flashback Friday, providing Friday motivation plus trying to ease my soul.

...Some say misbehaving,  while racing the black Dodge Charger down I-20 in Atlanta!

Was it the suspect mentioned in the report on Channel 2 News?  a player said charge it to the game,  somebody will understand a brotha.

Yesterday, like the Beatles? it was a nice day in Atlanta!!  I was in the sport playing / cruising /  scanning the perimeter like a Hubble Telescope..

HumpDay Extravaganza?  naw dude!!  I started writing this on Throwback Thursday not knowing when I would complete the assignment,  but I had hope..

Planets in alignment per the Full Worm Moon in Virgo?  I guess, completing this on  Friday after dealing with technical difficulties and glitches in the matrix!!  is it like the GOP Health Care Bill,  good luck or bad luck?

Out of alignment, losing balance like vertigo!! squinting, looking at dark clouds for the silver lining!!  haters tried me,  acting fake with it like the  Trump Russian dealing but I told them I had work to do!!  I was avoiding gamblers out for a fast buck.

What it do? I'm chilling in Atlanta aka Chocolate City blending in dark crowds but  I couldn't dip in a fast truck, the Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram, damn!!  I'm like some of my constituents over in Decatur, still riding around in hoopties.

What it do? still waiting on the truth to be told y'all like will Mexico build the wall? Trump said they would!! meanwhile as I broadcast live from the hood  breakbeat science is flipped!! weapons used in this spiritual natured Modern Warfare!! this is our call of duty!!  feel me?  oh yes!! the tracks are funky, we'll loop these.

Truth be told? please!! we didn't hold our breath waiting that's why we keep ranting and raving!! I knew some of these fools wouldn't act right.

We crossed the threshold, now some aren't understanding!! thought and fashion police said we're misbehaving!! they try to say we wouldn't act right!!

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