Monday, March 20, 2017

Ranting and Raving/ Misbehaving PT.9

What's up?  I visualized the sequence,  now a dude is out here ranting and raving. 

Back from a brief hiatus!! no Sunday Jazz but soon digital crate digging and writing this per the Spring Equinox!!  in the midst of hustle knocks?  they say a dude was misbehaving. 

Like Trump not shaking hands with Angela Merkel? that's not how we work bro! we're enlightening the masses to techniques enslaving them!!  now like the Secret Service at the White House thought and fashion police try to enforce their doctrines.

Jokers will dump like  Israel hitting up Syria!! during the ongoing mass hysteria some even  say I'm frightening when I swerve with this!! damn!! now I'm bumping heads with the arch nemesis.

Foreign or domestic? interior or exterior? local / national / international  / intergalactic? damn!!  lights even  blinked on the instrument panel!!

... In The Buick Lucerne;  it said a theft was attempted by some dimwit!!  dealing with lions in the den like Daniel? 

I wasn't like Johnny Kemp with it; "just got paid, Friday Night"  / even though it is Music Monday as I write this!! we're struggling over on this side.. 

Who's rolling like Jack Kemp or maybe Mitt Romney with a health plan? oh!! that's how the Republican's plan to ride!!

...Or maybe slip and slide; shady with it!! what will the response be?  your dude kept ranting and raving...

Out there like Lakeside taking a Fantastic Voyage per Music Monday business? misbehaving?

Rhythms were enslaving me per Grace Jones as bass, treble and tone is adjusted!!

Black or blue ink engraving  legal pads? O-Zone is writing this satire mashing up fantasy and reality!!  minds are adjusted..


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