Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving

 Oh yes!! the HumpDay Extravaganza will take place!! funk is dropped, plus your dude is ranting and raving..

Beats will thump!!  understand a brotha, I'm not trying to come unhinged like Donald Trump concerning wiretaps; misbehaving..

Of course Trump Tower was tapped, they were dealing with the Russians!! some questions will stump Adversity University students...

Some try to copy off the next person but everyone has a different test, one size doesn't fit all!!!  at this juncture,  per George Bush? it wouldn't be prudent...

Some act like they knew it!! they called themselves doing the knowledge!!  smoking dry kush or with the loud pack rolling like Wikileaks vs the CIA finding cheat codes.

Some act like they knew it!! go on with your bad selves was the encouragement!!  but we roll in discrete modes.

We've been through it, now following street codes that some of these folk know nothing about.

Nothing new about it like Trump supporters swallowing the latest doctrine;  soon after reality rocks them they'll have their doubts.
What's up with it? we're ranting and raving because we know how the sport goes!! jokers are misbehaving!!  It Got Lonely Out There, But We Kept On Running;  even though authorities tried to attach a microchip or lojack to the vehicle.

What's up with it? they're keeping track of  me and you during the smoke and mirrors show!!  smoke / fog is thick!! for some?  it'll be hard to see through.

Excuse this dude as I keep ranting and raving; thought and fashion police said I was  misbehaving!! creeping through the fog and the mist about to lift off!! check us out!! tweeting, podcasting, even blogging!! per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we're getting funky with this!! the horror is rebuked.

Dealing with the hostile takeover!!  work is put in, the break is over!!  this dude wasn't impressed with the hot style makeover!!  per North Korea shooting missiles will deals be made or will somebody get nuked?

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