Friday, March 24, 2017

It's Time To Get Down PT.3 (Flashback Friday Edition)

Peace on earth good will towards man was the catch phrase /  cliche from the holiday season. 

Please!! for a piece of this earth good will was thrown out the window,  plus some were thrown under the bus due to the treason. 

It's time to get down!! welcome to Aries season,  ushered in by Spring Equinox!!  no rhyme or reason? please!! O-Zone rocks. 

It's time to get down!! welcome, it's Flashback Friday!!  but who's fair with those and these?  there's an increase in hustle knocks. 

Flashback Friday reflections?  has it always been that way? now some are scared of those and these, like GOP Health Care Plan ratifications.

Trump even said it's time to get down or some will be  barred from the premises due to karmic repercussions /  ramifications.  

Your dude scarred up drums and other percussions,  while also banging on keyboards like Herbie Hancock.

Your dude was scarred after he sums up the consequences; I heard the discussions!!  due to Trump elections some were empowered like Will Smith in Hancock.

 Damn,  your dude still rocks!! circumstances are debatable though;  are we being built or torn down? 

It's time to get down but some need to change that attitude!!  advances blocked due to the hate?  some didn't turn the level of scorn down. 

..From Neil Gorsuch and the Federalist Society to the Heritage Foundation /  to the Koch Brothers and ALEC

What it do?  what's the deal with it? please!! it's time to get down!! but somebody might need to ask Siri or Alexa.. the sport is complex bro, some are foul with it..

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