Thursday, March 09, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT.2

The saga / struggle continues!! we're ranting and raving, some say misbehaving!!  you know it doesn't quit and it doesn't stop. 

Internal and external struggles enslaving us within internal and external structures? damn!! like Trump wiretap claims they were over the top.!!

Who'll work with a bro during public and private wars?  per Wikileaks CIA games were played on  local / national  / international and intergalactic fronts.

A lot of work for a bro? oh yes, but I'm blue collar with it!!  hunting and gathering while a slacker flexes and fronts.

Blunt with the math I bring; who had a dollar with it?  Trump will send Jon Huntsman to Russia to cut the deal.

 I "holla atcha"  like it's the  Huntsman: Winter's War to let you know the deal. 

Back atcha!! Throwback Thursday business? back in the day listening to Jim Dandy and the Brown Panther, on WLOU 1350 up in Louisville.

Back atcha!! haters go back to the future but we're not backing away!! like a 21st Century Black Panther I'm bringing the sonic assault!! the hip-hop, jazz, funk fusion is real.

Mass confusion?  it's real!! it's going down from Kong on Skull Island to the suburbs to the hood; some hope for a better tomorrow....

Who's excusing me for ranting and raving, some say misbehaving?  please! we're dealing with the pain and sorrow again! but we're  playing it like Donald Byrd;  stepping into tomorrow..

Who's excusing me for ranting and raving, some say misbehaving? this is my reaction to the structure caving in like there was an earthquake?

I was cruising the universe until lights started blinking on the instrument panel in the mothership, soon I had to pump the brakes..

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