Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT.10

A dude is still ranting and raving, even though this is the concept finale;  but the saga / struggle continues.

..Understanding that some say I'm misbehaving,  but there's soul food on these menus. 

..Landing the mothership in rough terrain after fools cause lights to blink on the instrument panel; what's the deal with it?

Readings indicated that a theft was attempted, plus the shuttle was unkempt after a fool rifled through it. 

Reading the TelePrompTer was a gift,  nothing's simple though I wish!!  but it was a fool that pulled out a rifle,  said he was through with it. 

..Blasting like Aaron Hernandez, meanwhile I'm cool like Juan Valdez drinking a cup of coffee as I type this, acting like I knew it!!

Tweeting like President Trump  leading to unemployment for Colin Kaepernick? naw!! but I'm trying to get over the hump; I'm not out there where the hype is per the hustle knocks...

Not the HumpDay Extravaganza, Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is the venue, plus it's the Spring Equinox..

Plus it's the Parsi New Year for followers of Zoroaster with festivals and visits to the Fire Temple, much respect as chains are unlocked...

Having no fear as we go there,  ranting and raving like North Korea saying they're not scare of y'all;   like Bernie Mac rocked!!

Having no fear as we go there,  ranting and raving during the ongoing mass hysteria; thought and fashion police hustle knocked like we crack rocked,  saying we're misbehaving!!

This is the concept finale,  but these rants and raves will continue in other forms and fashions; please!!! the saga / struggle is continuing!!


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