Friday, March 31, 2017

It's Time To Get Down PT.8 (Flashback Friday Edition)

It's time to get down!! but I see things are shady like Devin Nunes visiting the White House. 

Secret knowledge was passed on; meanwhile?  egos clashed on in the pursuit of power!!  now Mike Flynn has a story to tell!! something "ain't right"  in the house. 

They "ain't right"  up in this spot as they scheme and plot,  acting nefarious. 

What did we expect was asked!! so,  this is how Aries season is? 

Who's fair with this? please!! plans will collapse like the I-85 bridge down here in Atlanta...

Let the healing process begin!!  it's time to get down!! I'm trying not to relapse, taking it to the bridge while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...

It's time to get down!! we're ready to take it to the bridge like Sex Machine per James Brown 

It's time to get down!! we're dropping funk and dropping knowledge, raging against the machine per the games they play /  put down!!

Rage Against The Machine said Testify!! so, who'll appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee?

In the ATL? not so fresh and so clean per Outkast so I'm an outcast blasted by the street committee... 

Another ode to Flashback Friday?  the system wanted the cash back so some will cry me a river like Justin Timberlake..

It's time to get down on this Flashback Friday!! but we know we'll be clashing like Titans, out here dealing with the fake...

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