Sunday, August 06, 2017

What Are You Talking About? PT.2

Digital crate digging continues along with Sunday Jazz,   that's how we do things. 

Digital?  analog?  digging some of these weapons deployed? jokers ask me, what am I talking about? dropping this good word also, but not trying to spaz on them,  even though we're going through things.

Reality brings back to back episodes like it's the Trump administration!  check the modes of transportation. 

Reality Winner type of exposure when we drop this breakbeat science?  some are mad like Jeff Sessions about these modes of transformation. 

Reality winners and losers stand in formation during the ongoing onslaught. 

Nuclear winters were promised by North Korea but its August / Leo Season as I write this;  part of my Sonic Assault.

Acting brand new with ya per the Aquarius  Lunar Eclipse on August 7th?  naw!!  a dude still dips down I-20 in Atlanta.

Acting brand new with ya? nefarious per grindin' like The Clipse?  naw!!  somebody might understand a brotha. 

But, the communication barrier is evident, some ask me; what are you talking about?

The illumination provided evidence!! I checked the scenario like Sharknado,  we couldn't hide as piranhas and sharks stalked about..

Relations still asked; what are you talking about? Dr O-Zone is getting breakbeat scientific..

This good word is straight from the Institute Of Breakbeat Scientific Studies to be specific..

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