Thursday, November 22, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Chilling Out..Hard!!!

 Chilling out...all up in the spot.... but its like Gaza Strip cease fires..I see some look perplexed!

More than global warming is making it hot..its like Congo's M23..I noticed how those with so called muscle flexed! 

All up in the spot hustles were knocked!! somebody is wrong though...the situation was complex ..I heard gossip, lies, and innuendo! 

There were careless whispers per George Michael; but there's no love during this whatcha know? 

Whose fair with this in love or war? please...I noticed they weren't checking for a bruh;  I was standing alone against the first I said damn!!  but suddenly I feel like a giant....that could be a good thing! 

As I go transition..all up in the spot;  religious, street, corporate, or government..but at the end of the day? not compliant..its still a hood thing! 

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