Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chilling Out / Laying In The Cut / Minding and Tending

This is another one of those cycles...but its not menstrual..what it do? its where the homie is minding and tending! 

Standing alone against the as usual...laying in the cut will be the business...not pimping like Petraeus; the by product? good word dropping and beat blending! 

Not playing around with the corrupt....they'll throw you under the bus....or off the cliff..even a fiscal one...some need to pray about this one..meanwhile were sending messages in the songs; blatant and subliminal! 

Middle passages descendant!!  Babylon defendant?  just trying to chill at IHOP with a cup of coffee like Cliff...but they try to treat me like a criminal! 

Whats the dizzle? security with a stiff neck mentioned extra fees for baggage;  it's like Delta airlines! 

Whats the dizzle?  I had to get rid of the Olds Delta 88..I drove it until the wheels fell off;  way way out there with mine! 

Whats the dizzle? in Atlanta / Dekalb County  task forces roll like Delta Forces;  rolling up on miners like in Rustenburg South Africa!

O-Dizzle is conducting funk seminars and courses;  while based on Louisville / Newburg  James Bond Skyfall capers O-Zone will use this good word to holla atcha! 

So whats up y'all? just letting you know the system has gotcha!!  you'll get knocked off like the Saints did the more undefeated teams...but I spotted some swerving and swagging! 

They're just caught up; like Israel in the war in Syria..but soon they're behind lacking and lagging! 

All possible obstacles dragging us down when we were trying to avoid the trouble! 

Just laying in the cut...peace will be still..just minding and tending;  letting it go and letting God..were blessed double for the trouble!

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