Friday, March 03, 2017

Fantasy / Reality Mashups PT.8

 Fantasy and reality get mashed up per getting breakbeat scientific!! thought and fashion police aren't happy..

Flashback Friday is the forum but a dude is retro-futuristic; started writing this on Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent  but thoughts remain from when my pockets were full of lent, my skin was ashy and my hair was nappy...

I moved on; my pockets are still  full of lent and now I rock the baldy but it's going down!! over in Decatur by South DeKalb Mall?  the DJ hooked the track up;  he said make some noise!

I moved on; now fantasy and reality will get mashed up!! it's going down, but some are  losing in these sessions!!  a crook /fake one will lose their poise.

..Hard to get your groove on when reality voids the contract!!  jokers are recusing themselves like Jeff Sessions concerning the Russians.

Foul ones anoint themselves!!  like that track the DJ plays by Demrick;  they said they're money /  all about money;  jackers will rush them.

What's the deal with them / it?  like Trump advisers meeting with Russians others got thrown under the bus! some even enjoyed the process,  it doesn't matter if the punishment is cruel and unusual.

It didn't surprise us when we felt the pressure;  but brothers are going to work it out per Willie Hutch, coming through in the clutch! we're handling business as usual!!

It didn't surprise O-Zone; even Tom Jones said it's not unusual to be loved by anyone as Carlton dances in the background;  even though we'll come undone.

Tom Jones at WSB in Atlanta will report it, telling us how complex the sport can get!! now danger zones were evacuated! damn!! now Maxie Price will pull out the crying towel!! it's after you thought you were the one.

Thought it was me like Bell Biv Devoe? fantasy and reality gets mashed up so now I go for what I know!! in the lab? the DJ hooked up Maxi Priest's Close To You;   bass,  treble,  and tone are adjusted.

Fantasy and reality gets mashed up / remixed!! down the stream of consciousness a brotha will flow! it's like what's written on the dollar bill; in the Lord I trusted.

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