Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Fantasy / Reality Mashups PT.7

Checking the calendar;  oh yes!!  another HumpDay Extravaganza had rolled around. 

..Plus per Julius Caesar check the Ides of March approaching; this veteran in the game is now coaching!!  getting over the hump with these fantasy / reality mashups!! March madness? in more ways than one it's going down. 

...Plus I'm rocking that Caesar haircut!!  ideas march through my brain like veterans in foreign and domestic wars!!  black history will continue to be made beyond February. 

Hustle knocking? I see what it do!! Black History Month competed with  the Grammys /  Oscars and the NBA all star game!!  some kind of conspiracy? 

Trump even mentioned an Obama conspiracy due to White House leaks and Republican Town Hall protests..

 Rush Limbaugh mentioned Organizing For America  and organized protesters but on the other side there's ALEC; for a smart aleck there's no rest..

Ambushed!! oh yes!!  jokers tried to stress a dude chasing the American dream; they had me caught out there,  but I just went through the motions.

But I Couldn't Quit!! please!! longitude and latitude were determined after doing the mathematics;  It Didn't Add Up! I tried to stay flexible, not getting bent out of shape / showing emotions.

From the get go? I  knew things were shady!! you'll get reprimanded like Kim Jong-nam!! it was showing in promotions that occurred.

Some end up at Crawford Long / St Elsewhere or Grady;  where's House M.D?.  needed after the drama occurred. 

Thought / fashion police said concurred, they said I'm wrong, acting shady when fantasy and reality are mashed up!!  as I get breakbeat scientific..

Per this March 1st? lines blurred!! astrologers blame the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, while Jupiter opposite Uranus causes a crisis, nothing is specific..

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