Thursday, September 10, 2015

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew On This Throwback / Thirsty Thursday!!

 It's going down!! I'm big picture watching /  big scripture and big mixture dropping!! I'm just acting like I knew..

It's going down on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday!!  I'm trying to get with ya,  but I'm treated like a refugee from Syria!! I can see what it do!!

I'm out here still hungry and thirsty like dude down on Boulevard in Atlanta that I gave a couple of dollars to; I hope he didn't take it and go buy an altered blunt and a tall boy, so what it do? meanwhile some said I was acting brand new, when all I had was brand new funk.

I'm all up in these games like Lebron James; I'll  finish the fast break with a dunk.
....Or splash a three like Stephen Curry you heard me? word from this A-Town resident dipping down I-20 rocking a red and black Louisville Cardinal hat...

These ATLiens aren't going to work with me!! times are hard on the boulevard, plus there's a lot of wet and dry snitching!! plus Chris Christie wants to bring back stop and frisking!!  a brotha is trying not to snap.

...Plus these Hunger Game Peacekeepers  haven't stopped hating!!  they'll gaffle you like NYPD did the former tennis star James Blake!!  apologies are fake,  they like to see us struggle..

Hungry and Thirsty in the game? my people still are!!! but now some want to say I'm acting brand new with ya!!

What it do? on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday? the  Saga / Struggle Continues, not a damn thing has changed!!

What it do? on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday?  hell is caught but this scripture is dropped and  I continue to play the beats that banged!!

Now some say I'm acting strange / acting brand new because this Sonic Assault is unleashed!! I didn't go along with the script society wrote...

Please!! I'm acting like I knew I couldn't front!! plus the Lord was beseeched; Lord Help!! Lord Help!! was the battle cry!! that you can quote!!

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