Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back On Schedule For A Minute Or Two

Back on schedule for a minute or two, as I borrowed the cliche  from the Civil Rights Movement / *no justice no peace*

Check out how we get with you during these harsh conditions; due to the employment rate some beg, borrow, or even steal so they can close the deal!! security cameras have them under scrutiny, so how can they be at ease?

Bootleg jokers act brand new with me;  harsh conditioning has their thought process messed up, who's stressed up in this piece? 

I'm a Veteran In This Game now coaching as Armageddon is approaching; man please!!

I'm trying to ease on down the road per the Wiz, or maybe like Syrian Refugee business over in Europe..

Going easy per the information overload, per the Fugees Ready or Not  jokers couldn't find a way to cope...

Public Transportation / Transformation has me dipping through the community realizing it's all game...

Exercising Diplomatic Immunity;  please I'm not accepting the blame..

This just in; per North and South Korea family reunions unity in the community? per the US Cuban Embassy Raul Castro is willing to discuss everything..

I'm down here in the A-Town in the midst of the mass hysteria, cruising the community; stopped at Chavez / I mean Citgo!!  I put Castrol oil in the hooptie!! now like Donny Hathaway would say? everything is everything..

I didn't have time to play around!! if it's not one thing it's another and there's always something..

 *Back On Schedule For A Minute Or Two* or at least I thought I was; playing catch up like Serena Williams caught up with us; damn!!  there's always something..

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