Friday, September 25, 2015

Seasons / Reasons Change PT.6 (The Fall Equinox Edition)

I'm back with it;  it's a new season per the Fall Equinox  but this dude still rocks!! *I'm Going In*  Moving at a High Velocity but we have the speed you need!! but due to the climate change we're under a cloud of suspicion.

Still rolling in the hooptie down I-20 in Atlanta , no reason to change and get a Chevy Equinox!! I won't abort my mission.

How are we living?  is it where the truth will be told,  even though I'm in Atlanta  as Pope Francis dropped science on the US Congress and soon hitting up the United Nations?  Please!! bad system integrations make me rock out like a Deadhead and keep it revolutionary like a dreadhead,  even though I rock the baldy.

Xi Jinping visits from China plus Vladimir Putin visits from Russia!! part of a conspiracy?  a cartel gathering?  of course they didn't call me

Seasons / reasons change, do the math after the aftermath!! some say Large Hadron Colliders will attract asteroids, part of a conspiracy?  one who is paranoid tries to distract me / stall me; now I'm  dealing with the madness / bad breaks / setbacks; 

Dealing with the madness / dealing with a fake one!!  even said I need snake wine; straight from Thailand!! home of the Thai sticks.

Popular around the time Jeb Bush said he smoke marijuana, even though Donald Trump says he's still on that, among the other lies he kicks?  

Popular to do the crime? seasons / reasons change!! for the dry kush and other contraband jokers will thump you upside the head, they're taking that!!

Seasons / reasons change!! no need to rush man just let it flow I was told!! but I'm going all out!! I'm  not fake with mine, all of me is put in this!! I'm  dropping the Good Word:  Four Five Sixing It.

Seasons / reasons change!! please!! this is not a simple thing, but we're still getting breakbeat scientific with it.. 

Seasons / reasons change!! please!!  certificates and degrees recieved per God fixing it, oh yes!! He's not through with me yet....

Treasons change some of our constituents; you'll be branded like Chuck Connors with sword broken, medals, stars and stripes torn off, or you'll have honorary degrees snatched from you like Bill Cosby; see how it can get?

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