Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles: Another Humpday Extravaganza

 This is how it's going down!! bear witness to another Humpday Extravaganza..

It's going down, as I jump up in the hooptie soon spotted where the truth will be this is no game!! I'm on another adventure down I-20 in Atlanta..

Blessed by the way it's going down, even though it seems everything is not in my favor; understand a bruh? per Matthew 6:10 God's will is done on earth and in heaven!

Stressed by the way it's going down? society will sweat you like Hillary Clinton and her e-mails, but off into the universe a brotha sails, dropping breakbeat science on my sisters and my brethren.

Ignorance was bliss, so what's happening? territorial curses we're evident as ecological ignorance altered the fate...

No justice no peace!! clap clap!! clap clap!! that was heard at a protest / rally in a city near you, as society continues to show hate...

Meanwhile another will be thrown under the bus; was it the 86 Lithonia that OutKast talked about? I just saw it go by when I jumped on I-20!!! others ask what's up with us? / what's up with me?

I was intergalactic with it out beyond Pluto and Mars!! meanwhile another will be caught out in The Cosmic Cloud!!  Cosmic Karma will catch some of us, Al Gore tried to tell us how the climate will be..

Meanwhile history is in the making!! another just might find me West Coasting or on The Northwest Passage!! what it do? my people  came through on The Middle Passage!! 

Pain and misery is felt as all of us are going through it; it's a rite of passage..

Meanwhile another will be confused about things, they're passive aggressive but we're trying not to stress it!! We dip down I-20 in Atlanta!! that's business as usual.

Check out this HumpDay Extravaganza!! so what's the deal? Like Tom Jones said, to be loved by anyone?'s not unusual.

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