Monday, September 07, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles: The Labor Day Holiday Wrap Up

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on this so called Labor Day! please!! we try to get free and stay free like refugees over in Europe; Its' All About Freedom!!

What it do? who'll understand a bruh? Labor Day represents the end of summer!! word from this funky drummer, going in / getting it in!

Riding MARTA for free today, so I'm rolling on the train from Decatur to  Centennial Olympic Park to the MLK historical site!! others were caught up in the system / matrix, it ain't right!! they're plugged into the apparatus / but there appears to be a short in it..

Previously? the night before? I was chilling out at DragonCon, but damn, the drama will still drag on, so I'll pull the plug out!! once entertaining thoughts: should I thug out / make a sport of it?

Meanwhile I kept my eyes on jokers down by the Peachtree Center rocking the NY and Detroit hats looking shady,  like they were ready to thug out!! fast forwarded to today, down by Auburn Avenue  a junkie will pull a drug out!!  I told them to abort it!! what? that mission!!  I told them to "keep hope alive" like Jesse....

Society's mean style was felt, Donald Trump was their spokesman!! but I'm laughing at inside jokes man!!  jokers were rolling like Doctor Detroit, but of course  flagrant agents will still try to stress me...

I'm still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, God continues to bless me even thought I don't deserve it; trying to stay on the one with *The Higher Power*  Diplomatic Immunity granted / diplomatic relations restored?

Like it was Cuba, but some will act brand new with ya, especially after Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer as seasons / reasons change: it's not strange, the only way to win the game? points scored...

Nothing fair for a bro in love or war; Cleopatra bored? she dipped with Mark Antony, contributing to the Ice Age? but it's been this way...

Now I'm thawing out!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinals hat all up in funk  / pimp mode!! that's how I'll run the play..

*Going All Out*  there's no information overload!! the mission?  *get free and stay free* God is good!! he let me see a new day..

*Going All Out* check out the transformation / transportation taken while dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! God is good!! he's handling business!!  I just had to get out of his way!!

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