Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So What's Good? We're Just Dropping Mathematics

What it do? what it does?  so what's good? we're dropping math /  dropping mathematics..

Swimming with the big fish / running with the big dogs!! Out There / In The Mainstream of Mathematics...

O-Zone will update these Captain's Logs giving you a blow by blow description of the Mystic Voyage; of course like Russian airstrikes on Syria pain is introduced by fanatics!!  now goods were damaged during the delivery, now they're on the clearance rack..

The structure was built with logs like a cabin, now it's on Fire like the Ohio Players!! hoods are damaged from Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston; now loathing and fearing are back..

Corrupt ones say don't worry be happy due to new management but Armageddon is Approaching so the constituents are violent and vicious!!

What's up son? we're steering the Mothership back to Earth like the Starship Enterprise!! now we're bringing the Good Word / we're four, five, sixing it..

Mechanical Engineering / Blue Collar working is going down as the brotha O-Dog gets funky!!  he's in the lab mixing it, the sonic elixir;  it won't cause some kind of roid rage..

O-Zone?  redundant with it!!  still getting breakbeat scientific as  I search for beats, cuts, samples; thawing out from the Ice Age...

What's really going on? what it do? jokers appear to have I-285 in Atlanta type of road rage!! they oppose these endeavors like the GOP vs Planned Parenthood..

What's really going on? what it do? they said we're trying to misbehave with this!! meeting Pope Francis like Kim Davis? so what's good? 

What's really going on? what it do? so what's good? we keep bringing it back like the Taliban in Kunuz...

What's really going on? what it do? so what's good? just take a look around cuz!!

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