Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WTF? (What's That Foolishnesss?)

How were some living? pushed close to the edge like Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five mentioned in the Message!! now drastic measures are taken...

How are some living? I was chilling out during The Ice Age; once feeling the rage, colder than a polar bear out in the cold shaking..

How are some living? I'm like WTF? I ask myself what's that foolishness!! it's like Vladimir Putin fronting on Obama at the UN, so what are they proving? 

What it do? WTF? please!! in these parts the healing process is underway, the truth? we're not disputing!! the masses are corrupted so Funk Seminars are conducted!! we keep grooving.

What it do? WTF? What's that foolishness? naysayers act brand new with us, so show and proving is the cliche used; like the so called Donald Trump Tax Plan talk is cheap...

What it do? WTF? What's that foolishness, I see some act a fool with this, now the damage was done!! digging a grave for themselves?  check out what we do to ourselves;  all up in the house where haters creep, and still waters run deep..

Like the Four Tops said;  like water found on Mars meanwhile on earth we try to heal these scars!! peace be still!!   This brotha plays it like that...

Matt Damon types claim diversity and Mars are their domain while we get over the pain as O-Dog hip-hops, he jazzed it up, plus you'll get housed!! we're using the Sonic Assault to fight that...

No pain no gain was the insight dropped by Betty Wright as we try to get right!! adversity left a lot of scars,  I told you!! it's like this and like that.

Bearing witness to what it do!! now insight is dropped on those that were waiting in the dark, as we show them where the light is at!!

Or, where the light is for the grammar gestapo as we go for what we know:  haters were heard saying WTF? What's That Foolishness? 

They'll damn us if we do or don't  so this is how it's going down!! pardon us for acting brand new with this!!

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