Friday, September 18, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles / The Funky Fresh Friday Edition

Act like you knew me, I'm in Atlanta dipping down I-20!!  *holla at me*  out by the AU Center; I was *West End Malling*

It's *Funky Fresh Friday* some  just got paid on the Johnny Kemp type of scenario, but I'm *Po Pimping* like Do or Die, I wasn't any where close to big balling..

Even out in South Dekalb Mall some did their thing; *funky fresh in the flesh*  some smelling like hemp and tall boys while others were  probably on that *Flakka*  ready to go ballistic like North Korea...

Act like you knew y'all!! like *shawty* spotted me over on Candler Road in Decatur; to deal with a hater? I'm weaponizing the *Brand New Funk*  like plutonium;  hazardous material when you see a bro?

Whatcha know? God is blessing you and me, understand? so I choose to accept the assignment....

Others refuse to accept their blessings, because they're like Deuteronomy 11:26,  in the same spot where curses are!!  check out how odd ones stress you and me, soon blessings and curses come out of the same mouth like James 3:10 !!  but planets are in alignment.

Saturn is back in Sagittarius plus Jupiter has moved to Virgo; we've got work to do!! Intergalactic with it!! launches were delayed but there's another time for it..

Back with it: they said I'm acting brand new / acting like I knew on this funky fresh Friday!!  but it's not odd!! I'm blessing you with this by product of solitary confinement.

Back with it: it's not odd, but who's confessing to you? acting like they knew like Donald Trump,  selling their soul on consignment?

Back with it; reality will thump you upside the head!! in search of justice and peace? where is it? Where You At like Jennifer Hudson would ask? you don't know? you'd better find it..

Back with it; dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on this Funky Fresh Friday, still hustling because our backs are against the wall..

Jacked for it? society ripping down your flags and banners like you're out of the race like Rick Perry; so what's up y'all? 


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