Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Train Of Thought Has Left The Station PT 4 (Oh Yes!! It's Still Rolling)

 The Train Of Thought Has Left The Station!! Oh yes!! it's still rolling!! business needs to be handled..

The Sonic Assault was the situation!! dropping science like Pope Francis and his US visit, get the gist of it!! the drama was revisited per the United Nations with the bucks they gambled..

The Train Of Thought Has Left The Station!! who'll understand this as a brotha rambled on? some won't this train to derail!! they won't me to pull the plug like John Boehner...

Supposedly hell will be caught by Jeb Bush, soon he'll be looking for that dry kush per Donald Trump!! meanwhile we continue to hump, we're hip to what the reign of terror will do..

I'm hip to what the pain will do!! no free stuff per Jeb Bush dreams will get crushed!! but beats will thump as O-Dog cold crushed..

I'm hip to what the train of thought will do due to the information overload!! a steady speed was maintained, O-Zone never rushed... 

Flowing down the Stream Of Consciousness at a High Velocity but we had the speed you need!!  others are in databases waiting on the Terminator for Salvation.

Looking at The Big Picture like The Hubble looking at black holes or like the New Horizons out by Pluto; whatcha know? who's  up in a foul situation?

The train of thought has left the station, flowing down the mainstream of mathematics!! bearing witness for black souls!! hitting reset buttons or dials to rectify the situation

Local national international and intergalactic  we're the fronts for spiritual warfare!! we're dealing with fanatics head on!!  we'll face the situation...

Going ballistic we'll be an option!! Once Again It's On!! the whisle blows as the train of thought dips down the track like I was down on Decatur Street in Atlanta down by the intermodal station...

Check the mode of transportation per these scriptures and mixtures; part of the public transportation / transformation.


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