Sunday, September 27, 2015

Seasons / Reasons Change PT.7 (Let The Healing Process Begin)

The climate has changed;  seasons / reasons changed, so what's going on?  when we drop this breakbeat science thought and fashion police say Hazardous Material was dumped into your environment.

This good word is dropped and the beats banged as we take affective action!! the healing of the spirit has not been completed, so what I have is spiritual!! hopefully it will lead to empowerment..

I'm back with this, dropping math and science like Pope Francis, but who will understand this? that last hour can get ugly man!!

Coming back with this!!  breakbeat scientific with this  *Brand New Batch*  like were firing up the Hadron Collider opposed by Pope Francis saying it'll open up the gates of hell!! things  can get ugly man!!

Coming back with this repelling the hell we catch out here dealing with Angels and Demons!!  due to seasons / reasons changing jokers are tailgating at the gates of hell;  things can get ugly man!!

We get breakbeat scientific with this as the seasons / reasons change, every precaution was taken but haters caught me on the way back in;  things can get ugly man!!

Scientists say it has something to do with the Supermoon / Lunar Eclipse as yellow crime scene / caution tape surrounds the building!! it was a rainy night in Georgia per Brook Benton so my hands and Timberlands are  dirty!! all up in the house? mud I track in.

Constituents are shady like Volkswagen!!   do we need to rock the lime green safety vest as we handle our business? you know those *Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck*  Cards?  haters are stacking;

Their next move wasn't their best move;  now we're down to our last buck as seasons / reasons / treasons change!! *Let The Healing Process Begin*

We are approaching that point, our spirits / souls God will anoint; soon we'll rock this funky joint to let the masses know they can win.... 

*Life Is Hectic* but a brotha's emotions are under control, as seasons / reasons change;  soon the healing of the spirit will be complete...

Toil and strife advocates disrespected, but we know how they roll as treasons change an earthling, like John Boehner vs other conservatives but check out how we work this: We're on another level, so we don't have to compete!!

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