Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yes Yes!! And You Don’t Stop!!

Yes Yes!! And You Don’t Stop!! As we proceed and continue,  the motion is perpetual.

True indeed!!  but I see hustle  knockers had a notion like they were stoning the devil in Mecca,  they should let it go.

Tell me when to go per E-40?    who’s drunk off the forty? naw man!!   I heard  jokers  will make you go- fast like your on that *G Unit* per the West Coast.

How will the sport be? somebody said the epidemic is worst than crack,  so who’ll brag or boast?

Situations were burned like toast!! now check the mass hysteria as Obama meets Putin concerning Syria!!  damn!!  it ain’t nothing nice.

Lessons learned;  we couldn’t get mad at anybody,  we kept it moving but we had to sacrifice.
Yes Yes!! And You Don’t Stop!! | Whats Really Going On?

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