Saturday, September 19, 2015

Back On Schedule (Well, Somewhat)

 We're back on schedule; well, somewhat; like traffic on I-285 in Atlanta we expect delays..

Who's eligible? all of us are!! drama is going down from police being shot in Dekalb County to suspects arrested for shootings on Arizona freeways...

Writing wasn't legible when blue ink hit the loose leaf back in the day,  so when O-Zone is looting his brain for random thoughts this good word is typed on the HP Keyboards.. 

We're back on schedule!! who's the Chief Rocker / Chief Rocka like Lords Of The Underground? O-Dog will get down on the Roland and Yamaha keyboards...
Opposing hustle knockers like Trump constituents vs Obama!! they said I was acting brand new, but they were acting brand new with me.

Seems like they're mad at a brotha!!  constitution not upholding all my rights but the Lord will bless;  I have Diplomatic Immunity.

It's not odd;  institutions will get overthrown like the coup in Burkina Faso so whatcha know?  even the so called player was like the Chi-Lites asking have you seen her? rolling with a flashlight in the daylight searching the hood / community...

It's not odd;  danger zones exist from Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston and all points in between;  authorities have you under scrutiny.

It's not odd; we're back on schedule but gatekeepers and whistleblowers act brand new with me;  so what it do?

Damn! Damn! Damn! Hunger Game Peacekeepers soon roll up but heart and soul is shown up in this piece;  they should act like they knew.

Its not too late; we're back on schedule, well somewhat; we creep up on those sleeping dropping this brand new funk.

It's not late;  we're back on schedule, well somewhat; local, national, international and even intergalactic like space junk..

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