Monday, September 28, 2015

Seasons / Reasons Change PT.8 (It's Going Down)

It's going down!! seasons / reasons change!!  now some will want to blame it on the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

...Or maybe the Fall Equinox;  meanwhile O-Dizzle rocks after consultations with aliens out there by Mars where scientists are late, they've always had water; meanwhile this dude prays to the Heavenly Father,  through the universe he dips.

O-Zone slips through the portal also!!!  rough situations have me dipping and diving /  bobbing and weaving and rope a doping 

Danger zone business is violent and vicious!!  constituents are left wishing and hoping. 

It's like they're in Mamby Pamby Land waiting on Santa Claus so they can front and floss as seasons / reasons change.

Waiting in the darkness following hunches;  but like John Boehner vs Ted Cruz  treason made some of us change.  

Christmas and Halloween merchandise are next to each other in the stores as merchants follow hunches due to number crunches; somebody is about to lose as  seasons / reasons change. 

We know what the deal is, there are no free lunches;  those full of treason act strange...

We know what the deal is!! Donald Trump introduces a tax plan that benefits the rich, even  Rand Paul calls him a clown...

We know what the deal is!! now beats will thump man, as we get with y'all, I even spotted some like Smokey Robinson!! they were rocking the tears of a clown!! 

On the multiple choice test? questions will stump some!! the fears of a clown are exposed while others get slick like Volkswagen..

Seasons / reasons change; O-Zone tears up the list of demands plus O-Dog wasn't dropping slow jams!! this is word from these 21st Century beatniks as we get breakbeat scientific with these folks man!!

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