Friday, September 11, 2015

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew On This Funky Fresh Friday

 Here we go again on this Funky Fresh Friday; those on the *back in the day*  tip with call it Flashback Friday..

Excuse me for acting brand new; some might even call it acting extra but I don't play the truth game this is no lie!! that's not how I play...

Excuse me for acting like I knew even though I don't play the truth game like Donald Trump vs Carly Fiorina, or even per Bobby Jindal and Ben Carson..

On this Funky Fresh Friday or on any day we're just trying to get over the hump; excuse me for going hard, I beg your pardon..

Excuse me for going hard; acting brand new / acting like I knew on this Funky Fresh Friday!! fresh batches I bring back..

Excuse me for going hard like migrants from Syria in Europe; the mass hysteria? there was no cure for it, ISIS has things on lock in Syria and in Iraq...  

The mass hysteria caused some to slack; Play on player I was told by the family!! somebody would understand me.

Everybody wasn't able was the wisdom dropped by old girl; I tried to show some how to dip through these Atlanta streets but they wouldn't listen because I wasn't  a player from the Himalayas!! Al Gore  told you earlier the climate has changed alright?  some might not understand me!!!

Oh yeah!! the climate has changed big time!! so what's up?  visualize the sequence from Ferguson / Baltimore / Charleston; so what will the demand be?

I was also told to act like I knew so I do!! intergalactic but now back on earth;  the Mothership is on automatic pilot as these earthlings get foul with it; this is where it landed me?

Acting brand new on this Funky Fresh Friday, but fanatics will oppose this endeavor;   you know they wont act right..

Acting like I knew dropping this scripture while O-Dog has the funky mixture straight from the lab; making sure the track's tight..

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