Monday, September 21, 2015

Cutting The Corner PT. 6 (Realizing The Sport Is Complex

This brotha cut the corner on them, the anniversary approaches!!  I had a Call of Duty like Black Ops 3, now the process is underway.

I set up a border on them like migrants in Austria; I put up an out of order sign on them!!  everybody was a suspect, KRS-One even mentioned black cops; this is where the madness stops, I knew they would play me the other way.

I get breakbeat scientific with it, I placed an order for them just the other day!! delivered by reality, UPS or Fed Ex? 

But things were out of order for them, now I'm cutting the corner on them: they're realizing the sport is complex.

There's a lot of bad coaching like Chip Kelly with the Eagles!! back in the day? this coach was dipping in Buick Regals playing Wayne Shorter for them and those, along with Joe Zawinul and Weather Report; so now what's the forecast? We come with the next.

Armageddon is approaching so what can you tell me? Clone? Gobot? Transformer? Who you rolling with? like personal belongings on the curb down here in Atlanta after evictions you'll get thrown out of the complex.

During the ongoing storms transformers are blown; damn!! no electricity!! some are left waiting in the dark: lonely.

I was cutting the corner on them, especially after security informed us the spot is for card carrying members only.

I was cutting the corner on them, realizing the sport is complex; spotted players turning cards in remembering the time they fell in love like Michael Jackson..

I was cutting the corner on them, realizing the sport is complex, but I did Remember The Titans while up in the action...

Doing the mathematics, algebra, fractions and all of this and that!! we kept it moving, but we had to sacrifice...

Dipping from these fanatics and their foul interactions; who does that / what were they proving? *it ain't nothing nice*

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