Sunday, September 06, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles / Still Rocking The Red and Black Louisville Cardinals Hat

It's going down!! we were dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on this Labor Day Holiday Weekend; I was still rocking the Red and Black Louisville Cardinal Hat...

It's going down!! disappointed because the Ville couldn't beat the Auburn Tigers at the Chik Fil A Kickoff Game in Atlanta!! they didn't represent...

Reminded of the many disappointments in Louisville, lesson learning / doing the knowledge; like the European Migrant Crisis I had to dip!! I had to kick things off in Atlanta after running into every possible obstacle..

Missed appointments because I stayed in the Ville too long? I don't know, at the moment things are going strong, even though haters were like ISIS in Syria / Iraq when they plot and scheme to stop a bro!!

I continue to go for what I know, dipping down I-20, so what's up money?  at the end of the day? there's little to celebrate on Labor Day..

Whatcha know? wages for middle- and working-class Americans continue to stagnate, and income inequality has worsened, see how these corporations play?

Please!! it's not all gravy baby!!! it's shady like Tom Brady!!  you'll be hunted down by Roger Goodell types..

You'll Get Played baby!! I got wise to the setup, they wanted us to fail, due to the hypes!!

What will the response be if they roll up on me?  they'll get what's coming to them!! It'll be on like Afghanistan, but not fighting over the poppy..

Or like Mexico; whatcha know? we're dipping down I-20 in Atlanta good word dropping and funky drumming!!  *Make Inquiries About A Diplomatic Solution Papi*

O-Zone will not be pimping like those dudes on Craiglist; or like dude that was stalking; rebuttals from the CEO..

It's rough out here, it's not a simple thing!!  it's easy to fail in this, but we refuse to quit!! it should be apparent after you check the steelo..

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