Saturday, December 03, 2011

As We Move...Check These I-20 Chronicles

....As we proceed and continue..they ask a bruh...what are you into? I told them like Herman Cain leaving the GOP's going down!! as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie! 

...As we handle this breakbeat scientific business; we heard some are in pain...but we're out there where the truth will be.... a world that's cold!! even down here in Atlanta..the so called promised land! 

Spotted a joker in shorts, flip flops and a hoodie!! What's Good G?  we're trying to hold it down!! but like in Syria opposition is met from these earthlings and in California it's from natural elements; who will understand this man?

...It's no joke to this brotha man!!..I'm down here in Atlanta..home of the number 7 Mike Vick jersey...chilling in a Baltimore Raven sweatshirt and Levis; plus I'm rocking some K-Swiss; out of order with the fashion?

...Heard the mockingbird sing; some wonder why?  making a mockery of this thing..I even heard some saying nevermore like Edgar Allen Poe's Raven; were we misbehaving? with thought and fashion police were clashing! 

...some are ready to quit like Eddie Long's wife...during the toil and strife thoughts of cashing in my chips like Vegas or Atlantic City are in the back of my mind!

But Sonic Assaults are unleashed..let the healing process begin!! plus I drop these random thoughts; a bruh ignored the pity committee..I'm back on the grind!

The journey continues..a bruh never halts this movement...the game is from back in time...back in the day up in Louisville to chilling on one of the 18 planets astronomers found.. it's futuristic...

The journey the bruh rolls down I-20 next to jokers in the phat Cadillac Escalade...fronting like they're paid but they're just owing the'll get played..they had nerve enough to tell me I missed it!!

The journey continues...God blessed weapons formed against a bruh would work...

The journey continues...prayer plus action is the strategy..they should have know a bruh would put in work!!

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