Monday, December 26, 2011

Were Still Fighting

The war in Iraq is supposedly shut down; but were still fighting! 

Whats happening? knowing that the devil opposed to to me and you; but were all about peace like the Pope..the masses we're still enlightening! 

Whose out there in the smoke and mirrors? the mist, where gases's some its frightening; but to some its business as usual! 

...Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol followed? please!! comedians told the cruel joke; trying to act like this in Comedy Central! 

Whose impeding us at this critical stage of development? we chose not to follow the protocol..we weren't down with the status whatcha been through? all these clones seemed to be wired the same! 

Were like Tony Romo...were Ready To Roll..were on our way..still fighting after reading signs, books, and faces in these danger zones; some seem flabbergasted..looking like ex-NFL players who suffered concussions..they're wondering why; tired in the game? 

Whatcha know? like South Koreans meeting Kim Jong-un..the reception was lukewarm..nobody was put on; nobody was hired; check the employment rate! ...

The deception was present; during the storm some were enjoying it...usually those that hate! 

During the debate they even tried to front on your boy!! saying I was the number one stunna!

But I didn't skate on thin ice with it; I was low key...I wasn't fronting like I was a cartel drug runner! 

I do have my own station though..check the O-Dog Podcast...during the ongoing battles the guns blast..

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..putting work in...retro futuristic..dealing with the present, future and the past..

Putting work in...a bruh is busy hunting and gathering;  handling breakbeat scientific business! 

Once again its on!! were still fighting...check this math I bring; as we let you know what the deal is!

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