Monday, December 05, 2011

Putting Work In....Putting It Down Like This....

Were putting work in blue collar style;  like in a factory...rocking the uniform with your name stitched on it! 

Putting it down like this!! please!! we're not rigging the vote like Putin and his people..but not sleep in the game either...I can see is snitch is on it! 

...they're ready to run and tell it!! just like the women that say Herman Cain harassed them...jokers geeked and gassed them up...some fell for it; the friendly demeanor! 

....Now caught up..caught out there; whose sounding like the Chi-Lites? in the background I hear Coldest Days In My Life and Have You Seen Her!

....Caught up!! some didn't have their minds right...just a dreamer!! even dealt with the dream merchant!! word from New Birth!

...Or maybe from 9th some are lost..they wander out in the wilderness..I told ya...they're caught up!! meanwhile were putting work in!!! check the brand new funk; the rebirth!

Are we about to go under? as we land back down on earth..just got back from Kepler 22-b...or maybe even Pluto..whatcha feel me?  the mothership was running on automatic pilot! 

Are we about to go under? it's almost like Amanda Know accused of murdering Meridith Kercher...who'll work with ya? as we land back down on earth; knowing the deally...knowing how foul a fanatic will get!

Whats it all worth?  were paying the price!! actually were owed a rebate! 

Whats it all worth?  irrelevant issues were heard in the debate! 

As we demonstrate how its supposed to go down; were putting work in! 

Demons continue to hate!! no justice no peace? please!! we see  how that's working!

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