Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Caught In Traffic Behind The PT Cruiser

Caught in this Atlanta's crazy...I'm stuck behind the PT Cruiser! 

Whose caught up with a gambler out for a fast buck? please!! soon they're in debt like Europe..its easy to be a loser! 

Babylon will set you up like that!! boy please!! you'll get hit up like Colt McCoy..whose struggling to make car and mortgage payments?

Danger zone residents bear witness...they get played like a toy..some mortgage their souls; now like FAMU band members they're caught up in arraignments! 

The reign gets heavy like Assad's in begin with a drizzle what's the dizzle?  boy there's just more confusion! 

Its hard to contain frustration; jokers in the toy-like PT Cruiser were lolly gagging and kee kee keeing!! like its amusing!

Herman Cain type of boisterous talk was heard!! but like Dragnet we need just the facts mam! 

You heard me? were dedicated to the truth..but we might be uncouth; rolling up with the machete or axe man!

Devastated by this Atlanta traffic!! man its off the chain! 

Its crazy!! but like Obama and other Democrats and the tax cut extension I'm on one accord with homie in the Honda Accord; so its on once again! 

Once again its on!! both of us dipped around the slow moving PT Cruiser! 

Once again its on!! breakbeat science is flipped; were in it to win it ..refusing to be a loser!

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