Friday, December 16, 2011

Caught In Traffic Behind The Short School Bus

Rolling through the streets of Atlanta..damn!! I'm caught in traffic once again! 

Trying to roll discrete with this..but every now and then performing Tim Tebow heroics..but movements were still delayed by the short school bus..damn!! whats really happening?

Wasn't trying to be a fly Negro like Herman Cain...just playing the basic hunter gatherer role like the ancient Lake Huron area...but whats really going on? I heard some are in pain concerning FAMU band hazing...even the schools in Dekalb County are in the mix..what's really going on? that's a question I keep asking myself! 

Check the steelo....The Brotha O-Zone will do the math; wondering what a fake one is on..rolling like Newt Gingrich..but sometimes questions answer themselves..then I go on with my bad self!

Right now I feel like  I'm on the right path..but I'm dealing with glitches in the matrix.. I keep running into setbacks, delays, and obstacles!

The short school was creeping down Covington Highway in Decatur; plus I still deal with a hater that didn't know O-Dizzle was rocking these and those! 

Whats the dizzle? like the Military Police vs Egyptian protesters the devil will oppose!! plus he recruited advocates!

The reign began with a drizzle; but now we take it to another level!! is the truth and reality disputed when we came back with this?

Naw!! were dedicated to the truth!!  rolling down I-85 in Atlanta; authorities tracking this while were dipping? 

Of course!! cell phones and GPS are in sync with satellites; privileges and rights violated?  you know some folk are still tripping! 

Meanwhile were still dipping through these Atlanta streets; but we had to pass up the short bus!

Damn!! now were behind the Dodge Caravan!! check the backwards cliche; I guess theres no peace or justice!

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