Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chilling In Your Neck Of The Woods

Whats the deal? did Al Roker need to do the forecast for your neck of the woods?

Things were surreal!!....from Charlotte out on Sugar Creek Road to down here in Decatur on Candler Road...from Veracruz Mexico to Moscow..a foul joker was responsible for the gun blasts!! said he had next in these hoods! 

Rolling down I-85 in Charlotte..but anywhere can be in the heart of it..a foul joker demanded respect in these hoods!! even contracting with Mexicans for goods and services! 

Damn!! stereotypes come into play; am I the next one to play in these hoods? wasn't rocking Stacy Adams like the players plus I didn't have the new Air Jordans...but haters expect me to swerve with this! 

Didn't believe the hype like PE says..I'm just at your service with this breakbeat science; that's the business we handle! 

Observing this scene as things go down..from the ATL to Louisville / Newburg...from out in LA with Kobe to Charlotte Mecklenburg.. whose all up in the spot?  your business was hit up by a vandal! 

What was heard or seen?  some are trying to play me another way like Gingrich in I had something to do with their issues! 

What was heard or seen? whats going down in your neck of the woods?  what can a brotha say? please!! I even felt the pressures! 

You should know the apparatus will test us!! some of us will be caught up..caught out there! 

Whats going down in your neck of the woods? basically its just another frontline for spiritual warfare!

Who has respect in the hoods? they're mad atcha like Russians mad at Vladimir Putin...

Theres no where to run or hide...with whom can you confide? the truth some are disputing..

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