Sunday, December 04, 2011

I'm All Over The Place With This

I'm all over the place with this...moving at a high velocity..out there...spotted the new 18 alien planets; the style is intergalactic! 

Rolling like a so called illegal alien in Georgia or's going down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; to Pluto to Saturn....damn!! the schedule is erratic! 

Down here in Georgia Herman Cain suspends his campaign..I heard he was in pain..please!! during this ongoing reign I even deal with a fanatic or two!! wanting me to merge with the system; they said I couldn't beat them I need to join them! 

But then I'll be subject to the authority; word from the drama royalty!! it's like Vladimir Putin winning the Russian know society will anoint them!

During other upcoming elections check how Mitt Romney flips flops like Vlade Divac...meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock..but considered a person of interest in this hostile territory; always a prime suspect! 

....Spotted rolling through the West End of Louisville...down to West Charlotte to the West Side in the ATL on MLK; what did we expect? 

They say I plotted and schemed...I tried to blend in but  I stood out...I was wearing a LA hat riding in the hooptie; listening to True To The Game by Ice Cube and some old NWA! 

True to the game?....I'm down here in the ATL!! home of the number 7 Mike Vick jersey; Falcons or Philly! 

True to the game? please!! I'm all over the place..rebuking the hostile takeover like Dave Bing in Detroit..

I'm all over the place dropping this breakbeat science...letting dangerous minds know the contract is null and void...

I'm all over the place...filling the void...whats the deally?  you ain't knowing? it should be showing!

I'm all over the place with this!! just going for what I'm knowing!

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