Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Where To Run...No Where To Hide

                     amongst the sharks and piranhas

Still waters run deep like the Four Tops mentioned; but some might even jump in! 

Whose waiting in the dark?....they're underwater like mortgages; from the Euro Zone to Wall your zone...the bad economy stumped them! 

What are you on? sharks and piranhas patrol the deep waters; sometimes the shallow ones! 

...It's like an episode of Jaws..meanwhile O-Dizzle parks this mothership on earth; whats it all worth? clones will follow one! 

Society will accent my flaws and imperfections...but a brotha gets scientific like Large Hadron Colliders with these earthlings who allow one to raid their safe haven or safe harbor!

What's the deally or drilly? society will hate on these freedom seems a fanatic like John Boehner and his crew have it all messed up; others are dressed up with no where to go..whatcha know?  theres no where to run or hide!! hatred? some still harbor!'s going down from the harbors or Ports of Oakland to the shores of Tripoli!

...Word from Gaddafi? ...even in the Halls Of Montezuma to the so called Halls of Justice...haters were even trying to trip on me!

Trying to act like they knew a bruh!! soon the walls are closing in on us...getting locked down like Floyd Mayweather Jr.. please!! there was no where to run or hide!

A bruh felt the pressure...please!! I already paid the price; so for freedom a bruh will ride! 

As I slide through the portal I realize I'm out on front street!! theres no where to run or hide! 

Martyrs and class clowns get glorified..but soon I heard sounds from the heavy it homicide, genocide, or suicide?

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