Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caught In Traffic Behind The Chevy Trail Blazer

Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta; stuck in traffic...I'm behind the Chevy Trail Blazer. 

Rolling with the O-Dog sound...Transmitting Live; who'll understand a bruh?  they say I'm cutting up like Vladimir Putin...but I'm dedicated to the disputing it...but they say I'm acting out like Zach Randolph and Rasheed Wallace when they were a Portland Jail Blazer! 

Surviving...dipped through the Portland area in Louisville in the Checker Cab...I avoided those chicks from the Beecher Terrace projects that carried razors; they were ready to cut a fool! 

Surviving...a veteran now coaching all up in the sport again..check the breakbeat science dropped..trying to reach ya...this is the next school...

Surviving....arriving in Atlanta...riding in the hooptie listening to Ramsey Lewis; Sun Goddess; Morris Baxter was playing it on WCLK! 

Shucking and jiving?  Oh No! I'm not rolling like the rest of the actors and actresses out here on I-85....unlike the Chevy Trail Blazer...I'm putting work in; but I do take time to play!

....Plus I take time to pray; Lord Help! Lord Help! is the battle cry; hoping I don't get road rage! 

Check the moves that are made; there stealth!! watch your spiritual health..soon the global warming will end the Ice Age! 

Check the moves that are made; as I engage my mind, body, and spirit; dipping around the Chevy Trail Blazer that's holding up traffic!

Felt the rage!! but now I'm in chill amazing like Luther!! I had to ignore a fanatic!

Felt the I drop mathematics like Higgs Boson data collected by the Hadron Collider....had to tell's like this and like that...

Felt the rage..writing this at the exact moment of the Lunar Eclipse
now a brotha dips..tired of dealing with these lunatics..they're hating on this freedom rider..they were waiting in the dark; as we bring the light back..

The engine engages in the old hooptie...I dip around the Chevy Blazer that was lolly gagging..

Turning pages...moving on to the next..wishing it was simple but of course it's complex..but I'm still swagging...

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