Saturday, December 10, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles; We're Slipping and Sliding

Dipped down I-20 in Atlanta for a minute; slipping and sliding in the hooptie...we're rolling!!...but now we're back in the lab...I came back the same route I left on! 

Noticed some slipped up in it..what?  the game!! they played it like Herman its the bench they're left on! 

I heard some are in pain like Brandon Roy..they had to retire...others got played like a toy..priorities shift on a player!! from defense to offense!

Territories become hostile!! like Pakistan vs NATO..or in Cincinnati at the crosstown shootout / brawl with Xavier...check the behavior.. but check our style!! were going off with this! 

....Authorities offer this and that to informants; weather forecasters tell you how the storm will whose on to caper?

Getting off with these!! diplomatic immunity is exercised..but were still bumping heads with the arch nemesis...a shape shifter! 

Getting off with these!! dipping down I-20...escaping..slipping and sliding through the portal! 

A veteran in the game now coaching; might fix some elections like Vladimir Putin in Russia...knowing how the sport will go!

Whats happening? we suffered a setback like Greg Oden...had to admit we felt the pressure..any forbearance? facing interference..caught in traffic behind the Chevy Blazer..but now were approaching that point; now caught in a moment of time!

Check the critical stage of development... slipping and sliding in our own spaceship / mothership...until our appointed time!

What's up it? as my mind engages..the Lord anointed mine..he blessed us...

What's up with it? let the healing process begin...after haters stressed us..

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