Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caught Behind The White Van That Looked like The One From Cheaters

Caught up in Atlanta traffic; I was stuck behind the slow moving white van! 

Similar to the one on Cheaters with Joey Greco; whatcha know?  some said they were show and proving!! but something ain't right man! 

....As I land this mothership on earth I knew from the get go jokers carried phasers, tasers, and heaters; plus drones crash from the Seychelles airport to Iran...these earthlings will jack you! 

...As this brotha gets scientific like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde..through the ATL I ride; I'm not rolling like Herman Cain but I am showing these jokers how a mack will do! 

Hitting jump shots like Bob McAdoo!! then chill out on Jekyll or Tybee Island; but I'm not acting bipolar! 

Acting like I knew!! stuck behind the slow moving white van in ATL traffic but not acting frantic;  even though we're under surveilance during this smoke and mirrors show...security cameras are on the roller! 

...Plus traffic helicopters from TV stations told us the ride would be crazy!

Blame it on the Gemini full moon from December 10 or maybe Mercury retrograde? now stationery as I write this..but we have the Geminid meteor shower; man things are crazy!

Its not all game?  your a damn lie I told some!!..knowledge is power I told them..it's scientific like the Higgs Boson..it amazes me!! that word is coming out of their mouth! 

Its all game!! we dipped around that old white van that looked like the one from Cheaters we told haters; to watch their mouth!

Now were rolling..refusing to let the arch nemesis defeat us..knowing how the heat gets..soon mug shots are taken like Nick Noltes.. 

Now were rolling..using turbo..as we deal with this Atlanta traffic..it's off the chain..act like you know this..

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