Tuesday, December 06, 2011

It's On!! It's On!! Once Again Its On PT.2

Once again its on!!  like Newt Gingrich back at the top...somebody flipped the switch; now its on and popping! 

Once again its on!! what it do? some act brand new..introducing glitches in the matrix..in the hood somebody flipped on a snitch!! now in the ditch a body was dropping.

Meanwhile a politician was like Mitt Romney...flip flopping on the issues; he could neither confirm nor deny! 

...sounding like Herman Cain...caught out there playing in the dirt again..word from Pike Nursery?  or playing in the water like a little child; but said they weren't misbehaving!! whose telling a damn lie!

....now the system is enslaving them!! whose caught up in a jam? I heard some are in pain...after waterboarding at Gitmo..whatcha know? why do things have to be that way?

...even Mobb Deep mentioned waterboarding some fools...old or new schools...meanwhile old girl was dropping knowledge; talking about good things come to those that pray! 

...Plus actions need to be taken; now check how we play!! once again its on! 

During interactions some were faking it; just a flagrant agent for those running this danger zone! 

But we drop this good word!! and the beats bang!! bass, treble, and tone are adjusted! 

You heard? once again its on!! we refuse to be left busted and disgusted!

The Occupy movement will fuss about it..taking over foreclosed homes around the country.. 

..As we rock with ya..the good word is dropped..we brought the groove with it..once again it's on...whose looking for closure? knowing the devil will oppose ya!! his agents and advocates were done with me!!

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