Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dealing With The Aftermath

Whats the deal...whats the dizzle? like in the GOP Primary in Iowa some will find out after they do the math! 

Whats the deal? we're now trying to strategize during the aftermath! 

....After they felt the wrath or the love; no where to run or hide..I'm writing this after the New Orleans Saints beat down the Atlanta Falcons...plus it's during the Holiday season! 

...Traveling down that path...Carolina Cruising on I-85 up in Charlotte; who started it? the sense of purpose is the reason.

This is a tale of two cities...but I'm not Charles Dickens...the pace quickens..check how we work this..now rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..but caught behind the 90's model Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with Alabama tags on it 

Whats the deally? please!! a fanatic fails to show pity...slick like Vladimir Putin...they're  cutting up!! bringing drama to my spirit; it drags on it! 

Big homie swags..said he's on it..representing!! talking out the side of they're neck like Ron Paul....the truth they're disputing..but supposed to be cunning, clever, and shrewd!

....Another lags behind....might be in your neck of the woods..they're talking a good game..but can't really read or write; as I drop this insight..I checked the mood! 

The masses were subdued..morale was low; the euphoria has worn off! 

Classes are in session...reality checks are cashed..the Christmas holiday has come and gone; now all the timing is off! 

Classes are in session...it's time to go off!! the Winter Solstice and the Lunar Eclipse was like an alarm clock...

Classes are in session..the holiday season won't slow us down..as we deal with the aftermath....O-Dizzle drops funk, jazz and soul with this..plus a brotha will rock...

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