Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's On!! It's On!! Once Again Its On PT.3

Once again its on!! but Rod Blagojevich will tell can be for better or worse; but were posted up...all up in the spot! 

Al Gore told us about global warming;  at the CERN scientists mention the Higgs Boson..others were fronting and flossing..but other things will make it hot! 

.....Knowing the score; even the Eurozone looks fragile..but check the we span the globe brainstorming using social media! 

.....Knowing the score; check the's on...once again it's on!!...whats the prognosis? some won't find the answer on Wikipedia! 

We analyze the's more mysterious than an X-File..check the style..the wicked will impede you; progress? please!! soon your stuck waiting in the dark!

The wicked never ceased from troubling; these days? I noticed that the stress is doubling!! whose hating on one like they're a buster or a mark?

Some are ready to spark the flame!! the Occupy movement is in they disturb the peace like Ludachis and his crew! 

Others are influenced by the mark of the beast; "its ludicrous" like Mike Tyson mentioned; it's even like Bobby Caldwell mentioned; for love? what some wont do!

Whose acting brand new with this? fresh like Tyson chicken!! but it ain't hard to tell; once again its on! 

As we act like we knew; all up in the spot...adjusting the bass treble and tone!

What were some of us on? trying to save a few pennies will end up costing us thousands...

Once again it's on...pennies for our thoughts? as I stick my two cents in; hopefully reaching hundreds and thousands..

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