Sunday, December 18, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles....Rolling Up In The Hooptie...

Once again its on!! as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta..all up in the hooptie! 

The check engine light is flashing...lanes were blocked after some were crashing...but I move on like the last US troops leaving Iraq;  but I'm usual found where the truth will be! 

Usually found where the truth will be told; I'm dedicated to it...but were facing opposition like House Republicans opposed to the Senate payroll tax bill..what's the deal?  others are crashing and burning due to denial!

I was even caught up!! but usually rising like the Phoenix; some might even say I was a fly Negro! 

...Never that!! but I was shining like a Phoenix Sun...Charles Barkley?  but that's not how I roll!! don't start with me!! I'm usually low key with it; you know brothas are prime suspects! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...why was everybody chilling at the QT on Panola Rd? basically I'm just trying to see some sunshine; Everybody loves it per Roy Ayers!! down here with these ATL hustlers and players!! the usual suspects!

.....But we let the hustlers hustle and the players play; they were trying to run game like Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin...I was cut from a different cloth!  

Already went through that is what it is..the truth I'm not mental muscle is exercised; the dude is scientific with it!! in the lab I brew this elixir or broth!

.....Its of the spiritual variety; check the sacred scriptures..check the sacred sounds...breakbeat scientific principles are followed!

But I know what it do...a hood representative from Louisville / Newburg..sacred grounds!!! but the so called invincibles weren't followed! 

What it do? they were called home or they're now chilling in correctional facilities!

Meanwhile I'm down here chilling in the ATL; rolling down I-20..the saga / struggle continues...haters still question the abilities!

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