Monday, December 12, 2011

Caught Behind The GMC Yukon

Rolling through the streets of Atlanta..traffic is heavy; I'm caught behind the GMC Yukon!

What it do? my intuition is working overtime..what's on my mind?  "something just ain't right" like Keith Sweat would sing; so what are you on? 

....That's what some ask me; even told me to get my mind right!! I told them not to sweat the technique; I was sounding like Eric B and Rakim!

I didn't bask in the limelight; fronting like Ryan Braun..that's food for the thought and fashion police; hustles they're knocking! 

Plus fake ones are snitching..they see that were rocking!! so they through salt in the game!

.....Delaying progress like Arizona's immigration law..holding up traffic like the GMC Yukon in front of me; but I realize its all game!

Plus the Georgia Immigration law will front on me and my peeps..some show no shame in the game!! what are you on? auras will get gaffled! 

I even felt the pressure....whatcha know about the mass hysteria like in Syria? the horrors and terrors; some are out here looking baffled! 

Whatcha on? they ask a brotha...they play me like a crook bringing the drama when the trunk rattled...when I rode through these Atlanta streets! 

Progress was delayed by the GMC Yukon...I dipped around I'm stuck in these Atlanta streets..behind the 1990's Toyota Camry with no hubcaps..part of the conspiracy? as the IT webmaster alt shift deletes!

Progress was delayed by wannabes down here in music industry meet and greets during the 1990's..understand me? The ATL was the hub for rappers and soul singers..

Fast forward to 2012...checking Mayan 12/21/2012 the date? whose trying to front on these jazz, funk , hip hop soul bringers?

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