Friday, December 09, 2011

Caught In Traffic Behind The Ford Explorer

Atlanta traffic is off the chain!! earlier I was on  I-85 stuck behind a Ford Explorer! 

It had a pink ribbon on the back; meanwhile were bringing it back!! check the intergalactic's dropped after we landed on earth;  like a Kepler telescope I'm a intergalactic explorer! 

Brink of disaster living is normal for these earthlings; check the Hollywood shootout..or the Virginia Tech drama....what's up with ya?  Kepler 22b reservations are already being booked!

Think faster or slow your roll? it gets hot in the hood...high or low's based on observations; the lunar eclipse is blamed..meanwhile these chefs in hells kitchen cooked! 

O-Dizzle the master blaster hooked up the brand new funk; I've got the head nod going while I wait in traffic..these ATLiens called it crunk; now some will get banned from the premises! 

Atlanta, Dekalb County and Georgia authorities set up roadblocks like the crackdown in brothas and illegal aliens or immigrants were the focus; Republicans made empty promises!

Aunt Jemima's and Uncle Thomases go through their rituals; they're all up in the house! 

Where did you find us? still rolling through the streets of Atlanta..we dipped around the Ford Explorer; we  had more of this good word for ya; plus jazz, hip hop, and house!

Where did you find us? not dealing with shady House Republicans trying to include the Keystone XL oil pipeline in an irrelevant tax relief bill...

Where did you find us? dipping around those trying to delay this brother man..please...I was wise to the set up..I already knew the deal...

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