Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rolling Behind The Old School Chevy Impala

I'm out on I-85 in Atlanta rolling behind the old 80's model Chevy Impala!

I'm dipping!!! Transmitting Live!! the boom from the 808 is like a car bomb...the trunk's  rattling up in the old school Toyota Camry; it's like the ones immigrants drive down here in Georgia where immigration laws are fouler!

They're like that in Alabama and Arizona also..meanwhile we put it on ya!! were grinding!! putting work in...not a styler or profiler ...understand me!! were wishing it was simple...but times are hard on the boulevard!'

Plus that's the word on the curb...plus Republicans keep hating..so I'm usually minding and tending..avoiding a racial profiler; previous battles in cultural and spiritual warfare have left my scarred!

So what's up? please!! things didn't ease up; they're getting wilder!! so let the healing process begin!! its a new day..theres a new canvas to paint! 

Dipping down I-85 in Atlanta; storm troopers with radars ready to hit the dial on us..getting foul with us; so we have to show restraint! 

Usually going hard in the paint like Hakeem Olajuwon; doing damage!! then we dip like American troops leaving Iraq!

Usually after blowing up the spot like Afghanistan!! whats up man? The Brotha O-Dizzle will rock! 

The reign began with a drizzle; were still out here in the storm!! but the Camry and Chevy Impala were dipping through the traffic! 

Its going down here in Atlanta!! check this brand new funk and the good word...that's what you'll get!

It's going down here in Atlanta..check these results from the lab..were not hiding the details of the lab made bird flu..

It's going down in Atlanta...as we dip down I-85 in the hooptie.....truth be told...but somebody said O-Zone...they never heard you!!

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